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10.) Other secondments of personnel

From 1994 to 1996, German volunteer Andreas Guggemoos,  then carpenter, produced in best quality all the 611  wooden furnitures for the hospital Punakha. After returning to Germany and inspired by his job at our hospital in Bhutan, he studied medicine and today is a MD.

1996 to 1997, he was followed  by German volunteer Arnim Geißler,  electrician,  who was very essential for maintaining the electrical installations of the hospital Punakha.

From May 2001 till May 2002 we seconded Mrs. Lilo Schulze, medical technician, to the hospital who trained Bhutanese laboratory technicians.

In 2004, the Bhutanes laboratory technician Karma Wangchuck enjoyed a six months’ special training in Germany, organised and sponsored by Mrs. Lilo Schulze und Mrs. Linde Haupt, Münich.

Practical Training, Voluntary Work:

more and more students, in particular of medicine, approach „Pro Bhutan“ asking assistance to be accepted for a period of practical training in the Punakha Hospital or in other institutions in Bhutan.

The same holds for good minded persons etc. offering their voluntary work either in the Punakha hospital or in other, particularly in social fields.

It is with great regret that “Pro Bhutan” is not in a position to help. Any person interested should approach the Royal Government directly, may be first searching in the government portal : » www.bhutan.gov.bt or the web site of the Ministry of Health: » www.health.gov.bt.

In any case, it may be mentioned that the chances for permission for any short term training or voluntary work in Bhutan are very reduced.

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» Project 1:
Construction of the Hospital at Punakha (phase I)

» Project 2:
Construction of the Training Centre for Technical-Medical Staff at Punakha

» Project 3:
Extension of the Punakha Hospital (phase II)

» Project 4:
Elaboration and execution of Master Plan for rehabilitation of National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling

» Project 5:
Construction of the first “School for Hearing-impaired (deaf-mute) Children with Hostels

» Project 6:
Re-construction of the roofed Cantilever Bridge at Punakha

» Project 7:
Secondment of German doctors to our Hospital at Punakha

» 8. Major New Projects

» 9. Projects in support of young Monks and of Nuns in Bhutan

» 10. Other secondments of personnel