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9.) Projects in support of young Monks and of Nuns in Bhutan

By initiative of some of her loyal donors, “Pro Bhutan” has begun to support poor young Monks and of Nuns in their Monasteries in Bhutan with practical aid:

Haupttempel des Klosters Dechen Phoedrung

Main Temple of the Dechen Phoedrung Monastery

Dechen Phoedrung Monastery in Thimphu: have donated 80 tables and 80 benches for the newly built dining hall of. The wife of our architect and Project-Coordinator Baumgartner, Mrs. Pema Sherpa, who gives already, on a regular basis, medical assistance to the Monks, had arranged the production of these items. In this huge dining hall, more than 450 young Monk-students eat every day, in shifts, with their teachers. One unit of the Bhutanese style tables and benches seats 2 – 3 Monks. Before the gift of the tables and benches, the Monks had to sit on the bare concrete floor, in the long winter at temperatures near or below freezing point.

Das neue Speisehaus von Außen

The new Dining Hall of the Monastery from outside

During a small ceremony, Harald N. Nestroy, Executive Chairman “Pro Bhutan”, accompanied by Angelika Nestroy and Pema Sherpa, handed over the tables and benches, symbolically with a “Khada”, the white ceremonial scarf used for gifts etc., to the Abbot of the Monastery. The Abbot expressed, in the name of the Monks, his deep gratitude to the donors and „Pro Bhutan“. He emphasized that this donation is extremely valuable for the health of the Monks.

During the following lunch in the packed dining hall, the young Monks showed their gratitude with folded hands and their radiant smile.

Krankenhaus Punakha Hauptgebäude Einweihung mit seiner Heiligkeit Je Kempo

Happy young Monks in the new
Dining Hall

Their teachers

Nunnery BJACHUNG KARMO above Punakha: in 2009, this monastery suffered heavily by an earth quake. In support of very poor Nuns we arranged the construction of a common kitchen block as well as of a new ablution block. This was financed by some donors who like to help momks and nunns in Bhutan. This project was not easy to execute at all: the Nunnery lies about 1.000 meters above Punakha in a mountainous forest and could  be reached only by walking steeply uphill for several hours on narrow foot paths.


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Construction of the Training Centre for Technical-Medical Staff at Punakha

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Elaboration and execution of Master Plan for rehabilitation of National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling

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Construction of the first “School for Hearing-impaired (deaf-mute) Children with Hostels

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Re-construction of the roofed Cantilever Bridge at Punakha

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Secondment of German doctors to our Hospital at Punakha

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» 9. Projects in support of young Monks and of Nuns in Bhutan

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