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8.) Major New Projects

„Pro Bhutan“ is preparing or discussing some new projects with the Royal Government of Bhutan::

1. The total renovation of the main building of the Punakha Hospital. We are deeply grateful to a German Electronics company to have donated 50.000 € for this project.

The renovation is urgently needed to preserve the buildings and installations now 16 years old in order to prevent serious damage, to maintain the standard of the hospital, to improve the services for the patients.

For the replacement of medical equipment we need additional funds. May be you want to help? » How to support us

2.The construction of a modern Kitchen-cum-Canteen for the Punakha Hospital complex: to deliver food the in-ward patients; to serve as a restaurant for the walk-in patients, for the family members taking care of the patients (still customary in Bhutan), for the hospital staff, for the participants of the courses and seminars of our Training Centre.

This is urgently needed as in the village of Punakha there are no restaurants or shops. Therefore, hospital staff and family members accompanying patients treated in the hospital have to drive to the township of Kuruthang at 5 km distance if they want to buy food or drinks. This costs valuable working time of staff and money for expensive taxis. Or they have to walk 10 km if they cannot afford a taxi.

Any financial support for this special project would be highly appreciated: please see » How to support us

3. The construction of a new school building with 8 class rooms and two other rooms and of a new hostel for 48 boys at our centre for hearing-impaired children in Drukgyel / Paro shall star in August 2012. It is made possible by a donation of 400.000 € by the philanthropic organisation “A Heart for Children” of the German daily “Bildzeitung”. Pro Bhutan shall contribute out of general donations about 70.000 to 80.000 € for the architectural works and site surveillance.  

We are still looking for funds for the construction of a new hostel for 32 girls and a building for the new ”Department for pre-vocational education” in selected fields (for girls possibly as tailor, cook, book keeper; for boys possibly as carpenter, electrician, plumber). Already during the schooling period they would learn the basics of these professions in order to benefit to a maximum of their time in their special school and to prepare them better to get a job or formal professional training after leaving the school at Drukgyel. The Bhutanese Ministry of Education would second professional trainers, one each in the eventually selected fields. Another idea is to also attach “normal” children to these training courses of the new training centre. The idea is to also attach “normal” children to these special courses of the new department.

This would have the advantages
- to optimally make use the capacities of new facility,
- that the hearing-impaired children would benefit from observing
  and learning from the “normal” children in the different activities side
  by side at the work benches etc..
-to promote the “socialisation” between hearing-impaired and
  “normal” children.

» How to support us

  Project details

» Project index

» Project 1:
Construction of the Hospital at Punakha (phase I)

» Project 2:
Construction of the Training Centre for Technical-Medical Staff at Punakha

» Project 3:
Extension of the Punakha Hospital (phase II)

» Project 4:
Elaboration and execution of Master Plan for rehabilitation of National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling

» Project 5:
Construction of the first “School for Hearing-impaired (deaf-mute) Children with Hostels

» Project 6:
Re-construction of the roofed Cantilever Bridge at Punakha

» Project 7:
Secondment of German doctors to our Hospital at Punakha

» 8. Major New Projects

» 9. Projects in support of young Monks and of Nuns in Bhutan

» 10. Other secondments of personnel