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assistance to the Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan

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In 1987, Harald N. Nestroy, in those days German Ambassador to Costa Rica, visited Bhutan for the first time. In order to help a seriously ill and desperate German friend he sought the medical advise of the supreme Dungtso, Pema Dorji, then the chief doctor of the traditional medicine in Bhutan.

Dungtso Pema Dorji bei Puls-Diagnose

Dungtso Pema Dorji (deplorably late) at pulse diagnosis

The apparently mystic healing of his friend and witnessing other astonishing healings through traditional medicine impressed Nestroy deeply: this was decisive for his initiative, together with six friends, to donate Bhutan a small hospital. In December 1992, the “German Bhutan Hospital Foundation” was registered as humanitarian, non-profit organization by the authorities in Loerrach, Germany, the residence of Dr. Werner Haring, Attorney, who has been responsible for all legal questions of our foundation.


  Special reports

“The Coronation of H.M. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck,
5th King of Bhutan or Druk Gyalpo (Dragon King) in the Punakha Dzong on 1. November 2008”
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The new Cantilever Bridge of Punakha in the Kingdom of Bhutan
10th May, 2008
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"Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom, sandwiched between India and China". See lecture presented by Harald N. Nestroy, German Ambassador (rtd.), to the members of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, London
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Nestroy, responsible for the execution of the project, the construction of a hospital in Punakha, made use of his contacts to the government of Bhutan to achieve the recognition of our small foundation. This was not easy as the Royal Government has reservations to allow private foreign organisations to be active in Bhutan. A major factor for our permission to carry out such a project in Bhutan was our respect for Bhutanese culture by proposing, from the beginning, to integrate, besides the Western allopathic medicine, the traditional Bhutanese medicine into our hospital.



» Project 1

The great success of our first project has lead naturally to the suggestion of the Royal Government that we realize other projects in the health sector of Bhutan. As we would have to extend our objectives as laid down in the official registration of the foundation, we had to restructure it under the new name “German Bhutan Health Friends Association ”: in December 1998, the authorities in Loerrach recognized it as humanitarian, non-profit NGO. Under the new name, we have carried out the construction of the Training Centre for Technical-Medical Staff at Punakha and the Extension of the Punakha Hospital (phase II)

Our hospital in Punakha

Our hospital in Punakha



» Project 2

» Project 3


Dueto the success and appreciation of these projects, the Royal Government asked us to assist also in the sectors of education of blind and of hearing impaired children and of the preservation of Bhutanese cultural heritage

As we decided to extend our activities into any field where we could be of help, we had to change again the name of our association: thus, now the name is "Pro Bhutan e.V." *. Its President is Dr. Werner Haring, Attorney, and its Executive Chairman is Harald N. Nestroy, former German Ambassador

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» Project 4

» Project 5

» Project 6


Mr. Fritz Baumgartner is our extremely experienced, reliable and trustworthy Project Co-ordinator in Bhutan who has (beginning with the 2. project) planned and carried out our projects as architect and supervisor. His empathy into the Bhutanese architecture, culture and society is the one of the basis for our successful projects. His meticulous methods and supervising have guaranteed the best possible quality plus cost efficiency of our projects. His good standing with the Bhutanese authorities (he has been living in Bhutan since 1989) are very helpful for his work for “Pro Bhutan”.

Mr. Padam B. Chuwan has been from the beinning the meticulous and reliable Project Engineer, later with more responsibilities  the Project Management Consultant monitoring quality, progress and quantifying work, procurement of materials, machineries, management of workers.

* e.V.= association registered at German law court



» Project 2