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1.) Construction of the Punakha Hospital (phase I)

The hospital was designed by Chris Butters, an architect from Norway then living in Bhutan. The construction began in 1994. All furnitures of the hospital were built by Andreas Guggemos, a German volunteer, now a medical doctor and member of “Pro Bhutan”.

The hospital was, from the beginning, very well accepted by the population of the area which reaches from Laya at 4000 meters altitude down to Wangdiphodrang.  Two allopathic Bhutanese doctors and 1 Bhutanese Dungtso (traditional healer)  are supported by a  German doctor  ,seconded and financed by “Pro Bhutan”. The 2 first German long term doctors were jointly financed by the German public organisation CIM and us. After CIM had to end their support (only 5 years allowed) we seconded German short term doctors in cooperation with SES – Senior Experts Service, Germany. Since March 2008 we second and finance a very dedicated Austrian doctor for 2 years.   The Bhutanese staff and the doctors seconded by “Pro Bhutan” have been handling  in out Punakha hospital more than 50.000 treatments per year, tendency rising.

In September 1996, the hospital was inaugurated by His Holiness the Je Kempo and handed over to the health services of the Royal Bhutanese Government.

Our hospital in Punakha, main building His Holiness Je Kempo at inauguration

Our hospital in Punakha, main building

His Holiness Je Kempo at inauguration

The hospital (phase I) comprised an operation theatre, x-ray, dental care, mother- child care, a pharmacy, a wing for Bhutanese traditional medicine with a traditional doctor, a Dungtso, a ward with 29 beds, staff quarters, and accommodation for family members attending patients.

After one year of planning, Chris Butters finished the construction of the hospital in the record time of two years. The costs for the construction (phase I) amounted to 563.000 EURO.

  Project details

» Project index

» Project 1:
Construction of the Hospital at Punakha (phase I)

» Project 2:
Construction of the Training Centre for Technical-Medical Staff at Punakha

» Project 3:
Extension of the Punakha Hospital (phase II)

» Project 4:
Elaboration and execution of Master Plan for rehabilitation of National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling

» Project 5:
Construction of the first “School for Hearing-impaired (deaf-mute) Children with Hostels

» Project 6:
Re-construction of the roofed Cantilever Bridge at Punakha

» Project 7:
Secondment of German doctors to our Hospital at Punakha

» 8. Major New Projects

» 9. Projects in support of young Monks and of Nuns in Bhutan

» 10. Other secondments of personnel